Wednesday, 1 June 2011

:[gambar] super junior M on Hari Belia:

just an entry with pictures. pictures taken from my cousin's phone who went to the 'one hour' suju M concert at Hari Belia previously. lucky me who's not going there because only one hour? fuhh... but still, i forced my cousin's to snap some pic even though she said she don't have camera. thanks so much to my lovely cousin's... like i said before, pic are snap from phone cam. sorry for the poor quality...

Eunhyuk said 'sayang sayang cinta' in Malay that night. daebak... i wish i can hear it in real. crazy me. really love eunhyuk because he is the best dancer ever. i'll go crazy whenever i watched him popping. the best ever. really daebak... not really into henry and zhoumi but still, its suju though... peace~

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