Monday, 18 April 2011

:Tonight 'Japanese Version':

woot! woot! so happy today... Big Bang release tonight MV of Japanese version? why i didn't know earlier? wee~ anyway, nice MV from them. Plus a lot more of english lyrics in there.


currently, i'm watching both of korean and japanese version... if you wanna talk about the song, honestly i choose korean version more... maybe because i already know and remember the lyrics? but if you wanna talk about MV, i would say i prefer japanese MV more. Daesungie damn so sexy in there. really a different side of him that we are not always can see. Tabi always as usual with the sexy voice especially in the ending... G.D with his unique style... Taeyang with a great voice. also, uri maknae with also a great, i still love both of the version coz it's Big Bang... wee~

 ^Korean Version^

psstt : what about others VIP? which version do you guys prefer more?

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