Wednesday, 6 April 2011

:banmal song, miss them:

It's been only a few days i guess i've been watching Goguma Couple last episode. But it seems like i miss to look at them being together again. Wonder why but they just really good together. For me, Yonghwa is really a nice guy. I wonder if i can meet someone like him. But i guess no, because this is a real life dude...

Just a few moments ago, i found their Banmal Song video clips on Youtube. Its on their original youtube web, sweetpotato4339. If you watch all the ep, then you will know. Well, nothing much to say. Really miss them... And currently, i've been learning the chord for this song. Wish me luck!

It will be great if they can be a real couple rite? I'm a good fan though. hehe... Never mind if Yonghwa really loves SeoHyun... I'll still be a fan of Yonghwa and of coz CN Blue too... Jungshin chinggu.... hehe... Tetiba...

Enjoy the song... Oh, to other people who haven't watch their program yet, you can search all their ep here... Have a nice watch... :)

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